Condo & HOA Collections require call centers
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HOA Collections Calls…How To Help The Debtor

For Condo & HOA Collections calling debtors is always a difficult and sensitive task. It takes a highly trained specialist certified to be mindful of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and sensitive to the sensibilities of the unit owner.  People identify very closely with their homes and with condos & HOA Collections emotions can run high. Calls of this nature can be very disturbing. So a trained outbound call specialists must put the owner at ease at the very start of the conversation. As unpleasant as it may seem these calls are necessary in order for a community association to run properly. But these calls do not have to be unpleasant and often can work to lift a burden from the debtors mind. Resolution of Condo & HOA Collections issue can reduce stress on a delinquent owner.

The most important thing for a professional collection caller to know are the rules that are established by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Any company who is making these calls must first put the caller through an intensive course and be sure that they have earned the proper certifications. Collections for condos & HOAs should be consultative nature and non threatening. Of course the caller must advise the debtor about the consequences of continued non payment and the benefits of getting their debt paid. Confrontation is never helpful in Condo & HOA Collections.

The collectors at Axela-Technologies are trained to respectfully engage your delinquent owners and to advise them of their rights. We will work with the owners to engage in payment plans to get on the right track. We never charge outrageous collection costs and always are willing to work with an owner. Your board of directors has a fiduciary duty to send delinquent into collections and we have a legal duty to manage the outbound calls in a legal manner as required by the FDCPA. So when you engage Axela-Technologies to resolve your delinquencies you can be sure your neighbors will be spoken to with respect and given the best care.

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